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Jun 20, 2023

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Felicia Custer


Felicia Custer joined Title USA, LLC., in 2018 and comes to us with over 24 years in the real estate industry. Felicia brings to the table a vast knowledge of coordinating a real estate transaction. Her duties include overseeing all aspects of the closing, coordinates with title, mortgage, schedules inspections, and regular communication with clients, agents, lender, etc. When not in the office, Felicia enjoys spending time with her three children, two grand babies, reading, and relaxing on the water.

Melissa Kunierz

Post Closing Specialist

Melissa joined our team in 2016 after being a stay at home Mom of 3 for 15 years. She prepares our policies and performs other post-closing duties. When not at the office Melissa and her husband are very active in their children’s sports activities, and spends most of her time at a football field or basketball courts.

Kari Finch

Senior Processor

Kari Finch has been with Title USA since 2014 and is our Senior Processor, and when she is not at the office you will probably find her during the day on the boat catching fish or some sun therapy with her husband and two beautiful girls. But at night she is probably watching some hockey. Go BOLTS.

Stella Fischer

Office Administrator

Stella has been a member of Title USA, LLC. from day one, and brings over 20 years of experience in both the banking and title industry. Stella has worked through every position including processing, warehousing, escrow, post-closing, and is a licensed closing agent. Stella is no stranger to Florida, as she has been a resident since 1976. When not in the office, she enjoys spending time with family and her fur babies. Stella is a team player, and helps to ensure a smooth, successful closing.

Jeri Diehl


Jeri has been in the title industry for 30 years and has closed thousands of transactions. She started answering phones and worked her way through processing and closing files, search, and title exam. She believes that communication and patience are the keys to a successful closing. Jeri has been a Florida resident for 40 years, married, and has two teenage daughters that keep her busy when she is not at the office.

Peter Kyres


Peter has been practicing real estate law for 30 years. Prior to starting Title USA he spent 10 years as an underwriting counsel for a national title insurance company. In that capacity he advanced his skills and knowledge in all matters involving real estate law and the closing process. He is originally from Montreal, Canada and is a graduate of McGill University. After obtaining his law degree in Boston, Peter attended the University of Tampa where he obtained his second bachelor degree in US History. He is the proud father of two girls, and loves spending his free time with them.